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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit, hope you are well and have had a great weekend,
thank you for your messages, team have seen them all and had some updates about it today.

At first we are very much appreciate your work and almost every time try to satisfy your budget requests in your favor. This time situation is a bit different and we also have discussions with planning regarding – why they come with such a budget and they replied with different arguments as below:

the Communication Tool project based on an application that runs on multiple licenses and versions and this licenses can be purchased for a cheaper price rather upgrading old one.

Secondly as we have already mentioned we have created this job for you to earn some funds while planning working on other project jobs. This may take some time and our plans where about doing some jobs on communication tool before we can go back to other projects development.

An other reason – the company would even provide you an additional increase (not the one you mentioned) but still decant funds to you to earn. However as finance have stated our negotiation process took so long time so company already spent a solid amount of funds just for the negotiating time (almost two weeks)please read here for more details https://webmaklay.com/faq-items/budget-for-a-job/.

As a result unfortunately the team decided to postpone with this job and review some other alternative options that may be arise in the future.

Now as i was advised to encourage you and say do not worry about all this as we are going to release some more other jobs for you. It may take some time though so please let us know your best contacts to contact you with other jobs that are coming up soon.