A task evaluation formula is very easy and it looks like this :-  Your Effort x Time Frame + Quality = Strong Budget.

Here at Webmaklay we’ve got people working in various tasks. While developing a projects we plan all our work ahead. There is a person to assist, data process, analyses, data to secure and look after.

So when developer is on duty there is a very busy machine works in the background. It’s like if you start the engine and drive with us. Developers with strong skills do the job for “x” amount of time whereas others with less skills do same job for longer “xxxxx” amount of time. We value both approaches and effort but the task’s budget wont increase on time spent on the job.

The $ wont be equal “xxxxx” spent of the task but $ will be equal to the “x” + quality. So when taking the job please consider any of these demonstrated while your development.
We value our time and  it is costly. When you stepped in to a project development we expect good results. If we missed one day with no results – it does cost us but we credit it to our developer and believe you are about to start. When we missed an other day it cost us twice and we still hope to see an out come. It is like we put you in a car which is running but you not drive. When we see no out come for some time we are in trouble and we are looking for an other “driver”.


This is how our Developers budget come from. When you did the work for $10 after two days we already spent $ 200 and that directly affect your earnings. When  you deliver good results we can see and appreciate it accordingly.


So dear friend when you work with us we would love you to remember our formula so achieve success. If the task has a budget it is still in your hands to make it better or loose more coins.

Your Effort x Time Frame + Quality = Strong Budget