Job Suspension

As it is mentioned in our other topics we caring some expenses for the all time when assigned developer is on the job. Thus the developer productivity is very crucial for our business. If we can not see any performance from the developer and developer is not reporting us about the job progress then we

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Budget for a Job

A task evaluation formula is very easy and it looks like this :-  Your Effort x Time Frame + Quality = Strong Budget. Here at Webmaklay we’ve got people working in various tasks. While developing a projects we plan all our work ahead. There is a person to assist, data process, analyses, data to secure

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When i got paid for my job?

A developer gets full pay after the job completion. The job considered completed once all given task requirements are 100% done, tested and confirmed. If you spend long time and hours on the task budgeted but job is not 100% completed there is no payment nominated to the assigned developer. Also if you perform your

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