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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thanks for your message here is more information for your #12203,

1) we do not have hourly rate for our remote developers
2) We do not pay by hours as if it is 80 hours of job for you for others it can be 2 days for others can be one month of work so the company does not pay for the hours as every developer has got different skills and different experience. Please kindly read this topic again https://webmaklay.com/faq-items/budget-for-a-job/
3) As HR interviewed some developers there are many offers to do this job for more affordable options but we do not want to hire a long term developer position and this is why we have dismiss some other offers and reversed this project back to your opportunity.

4) As you mentioned your offer in #12186 the finance satisfied your request and we prioritize your contact due to long-term business relationship between our companies.

Since you decide to continue your pay negotiations – surely it is more surprising for us as company satisfied your i #12186 but still we can forward your request to the finance department again – but just letting you know that what ever response will be received from our finance DPT it will be your decision either continue this work on this project or not.

In conclusion just letting you know that if company contracts any workers the pay may vary depending on developers skills, geographic locations and availabilities. For example some developers happy to provide their full contact details including mobile contacts for any urgent accessibility which definitely affects they pay rate and reduces developers swap risks and project traceability. Some happy to charge 20$ do the work and go away.

I hope all above make sense to you and clears most of your points above.