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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit, we have had an other discussion with finance dpt and they agreed to make an other budget increase on PHP 8.00 adaptation task. Also as finance advised this is the max increase that they can go for. This taking in account the time loss for this negotiations as company spent some money just negotiating with you about this task topic for more than a week.

As finance dpt say this task actually created for you to get you engage with the job while our planning team working on other jobs. With PHP 8:00 upgrade we just updating our old application license as well as allowing to you to earn some funds while waiting. The company can easily buy new Communication Tool application license which is just an other 100$ extra so our local developers happy to renew our Communication Tool app with in couple of days time.

So i hope it gives you some more information about the this job details and other company plans in addition to #12204