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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your message and more details, excellent numbers Nishit was doing upgrades with almost no downtimes and there were multiple PHP upgrades on that and other projects. I have reported your #12183 message to our colleagues and as planning and sales advised it is challenging their planning scope and jobs funding.

The team coming up with a counteroffers to you and suggesting to do the following as per your time frame statements in #12183. So what they say was – if it is a complex task for you to implement which already took more than a week and as per your message should take an other two weeks – the sales and planning keen to put this job under skills performance indicator test.

What it means is: – we will put this job on investigation based on your arguments which being sent to us continuously. In this case if you agree we will pick a developer from the HR employment pool and request same job for the less money as a trail project and that will outline our planning and finance projects budgeting scope.

A purpose of this trail to rectify the company budgeting team how accurate they are when budgeting various task for our jobs. All the trail results will be presented to you as a – Webmaklay long term employee and if the trail proves that you are right then we will review and re schedule our job’s budgeting strategy and your multiple statements conclusion.

Please let us know if you agree with this then we will need you to restore previous project files back to where it was when you started working on this project and we will put an trail developer on that and see how it all goes.

The trail offer set to not dismiss your position as we will still put you back on the same project but other jobs and if trailed developer will be successful we have got other jobs for such a person to do.

Please let us know you thoughts on that