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Mark Hanson
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Hello NIshit thank you for your updates and advice, very much appreciate it, yes you are right we can continue with the next changes.

Just couple points to keep in mind that the gr8 setup is a PHP latest version adaptation task has been scheduled twice and paid twice.

First time company paid as there was a delay from our site but we paid for this work.
Second time we added this task to this Vendor Search job and it is ready for PHP latest V adaptation and is also paid.

The gr8family is now a duplicate of EN project and it is temporary location for you to tweak all DB and other extensions that can be changed and then implemented on live EN site. When you finish the gr8family directory will be formatted and used for other company needs.

For #6947 as we have done some work on API and also paid for this work we would need some changes on that so our resellers can not use our API libraries to generate an orders on EN could you please have a look at that too.