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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit, thank you for your reply,
for # 6900 i have been consulting with our team regarding the data base storage and we are very interested in your idea pulling out the numbers stock in to our DB and get all the mechanisms on the site working based on both Vendor and EN data stored.

There are numbers of factors here that we are not sure about and here are their below:

1) we worried about the numbers synchronization process, due to a large DID stock and limited API calls allowed from Peerles 100 and i think it is about some thousands from Intelligent we are not sure how all our numbers stock will be validated and used / purchased by the customers requests with out loading the system architecture.

2) Secondly if there is a way how to maintain all this logistics and algorithms whether you are able to do so so it works at the best performance.

3) if you got an idea how to build up a smart system for 1 and able to do it for 2 then we worried about our technical ability to cope with this amount of data as we thinking about multiple cron jobs performance and loading up and flushing unwanted data from the system and our technical resources are capable for this project.

we can see the totals fetching from both vendors are being already showing up on this page https://excellentnumbers.com/admin/index.php?ToDo=viewTemplates (by the way we asked yo to move this page to the site settings links) what we suggest you to do use this data and multiply its total to 2.5 as per task then when we finished this job we would like you to do #6900 on voip first and if you can improve Voip DB and numbers DB efficient storage and ordering flow we will do it on EN.

As you can see there are plenty work to do but at this stage there wont be any numbers storages on the EN db (for now) as there are many risks factors involved and we have got very tight budget for all this ideas due to ELEC inventory job delay.

Let us finish Vendors Search job and Total numbers widget using the resources we currently have and then we will go further with our project plans.

For #6899 looks much better Nishit – thank you awaiting for a site admins feedback.