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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit , please find new task added to this Job,
Total Numbers – Show Case Block

Here we would like you to use a 80% of your design skills and 20% as a coder.
Please create a BEATUFUL looking showcase block which display total numbers available from both Peerless and Inteligent
As we can see currently Peerless has got around ~5 million numbers and Inteligent ~25 million which is total ~ 30 million numbers.

The showcase block should be positioned on the CLEC inventory page just above the search form. Depending on your design outcome and how you going to make it we will decide whether it should be centered or aligned right the page.

On showcase block the total numbers formula should display the total numbers as following ~5M+~25M x 2.5 = ~ 75M numbers. The codding is easy to display this formulated total in the block. However, the design part should look very outstanding, the wording – nice font, block in the great frame , total number may vary in being streamed in real time and it should change all the time as the vendor’s numbers being sold and added on both PeerLess and Inteligent continuously.

Please make the total number displayed in full decimal digits .