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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit here is some updates regarding your #6852

for #6818
a) not done just to clarify that 2 block “Search Results” should not be visible until client requested numbers and then this block should come up with the client’s results.
c) We can see a popup when search freezes but no loading gif – could you please double check so every action on the site accompany by loading gif (animated globe) as we can not see loading gif when requesting numbers from this page https://excellentnumbers.com/pages/CLEC+inventory+search.html

for #6853 we have discussed with the team and site admins, they do want to have both vendors search at the same time. Taking in account your advice we will discuss on the meeting what is the best way to display both vendors but if you have an idea please let us know so we will create a task for it.

ELEC Inventory Admin Settings Page – could you please move it from Store Design Tabs to Site Settings drop down.
By the way on this page please change Set Mendetory to Site Mandatory.

We still keep testing it there may be more comments or adjustments come through.
Cheers 😉