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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your question:
for #6834 is there any resolution in API docs? Will probably need to contact Intelligent again, I’m assuming you need a parameter to capture the added number to EN orders process flow. Let me check with Intelligent tech team and get back to you.

same for #6836 Peerless please check if there is any Infor in API docs meanwhile will try to communicate with Peerless team.

for #6835 – yes Nishit go for it and see if you can find resolution in API docs as our senior developer saying that API docs have got all tooltips to implement unless you facing some restriction issues. It looks like a bit of logic missing here and it is not clear for you how to use the source to capture data in to the ordering work flow.

Due to time difference If you finding delay with getting answers on your questions and already checked API docs pleas check back to the issues mentioned in #6817 & #6818 so when the resolution come all other areas are fixed and functioning so the tester wont get same issues again.