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Mark Hanson
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hello Nishit, thank you for your updates and questions.

for #6805 i have submitted my request to the site admin to provide you accurate advice. Please allow me sometime i will get back to you on this later on.

#6806 and i guess #6811 3) is the same – also i have contacted our team so we might connect the senior developer =for further assistance. Will get back to you on this later on.

#6813 as per my first answer i would say use trunkGroup for the order creation successful process but if you ask then my curiosity is can we create an order without requesting trunkGroup?

#6814 – thank you for this question, there is already a tab for top 20 customers i do not think we need to re do it again but client wnats to upgrade it so we can see all customers spending not only top 20. If you think that you can make this functionality better while redesigning this top 20 customers tab and you have your own vision on how it should be on the site we weclome your ideas and looking forward to see it how you do it.

Here is whet we need to keep in mind:
1) If you have any other fascinated ideas how to rebuild any of EN existing functionality you are free to do so but please always make your local backup of previous source code as if customer do not like it you can easy to return previous design back to the site without any delays.
2) and lastly if your ideas will be found more efficient there will be always a bonus from the company for such an enthusiastic approach and improvements.

for #6810, there were already multiple topics and discussions about this issue and we though you have already fixed that. If pin code removed there should not be any thing displayed for pin code record means nothing even no “0”;)

we also mentioned previously and this issue was reported as fixed:

Client is not in telinta and site admin creates an order for this client on EN site and tries to activate this number. Such client who is not in Telinta should be by default be assigned to Excellent Number group so we could activate numbers for such numbers but it is still not working, could you please check and fix it?
see video for more details.
[video src="https://webmaklay.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/not-in-telinta.mp4" /]