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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thanks for your messages:

for #6804 – it would be great if you could do for EN Number you may leave the same default color with EN “IN” in front of the order number so it looks INXXXXX but if top up BKXXXXX with different color which is going to be used for all BK = Top Up orders.

#6805 – for ported in orders there should be PTXXXX and different color which is going to be used for all PTXXXX numbers/orders.

#6806 -in here can you please advice if there is any other option to make the orders on Intelligent displayed as NEW without Changing status? Also could you let us know which number have you ordered so we can trace it back?

for #6803 2) sorry i was wrong three, if you remember we not suppose to be showing any of EN identity in any of API calls that’s been going from EN site. None of our vendors should see where is the orders come from so please leave all these address call requests empty, if that wont allow use Nanotelecom name.


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