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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates, for #6772
we have been testing some of the areas as you go and i will put some comments below this message as our comments for Vendor Search and other previous works.

Will check again when you done with finalizing order with charging our customers EN credits.
Also please note that loading gif presents while customers searching numbers on CLEC inventory. We tried to search some numbers and clicked search – we could not see any activity while the retrieving numbers from the Vendors inventor. We know that it will take some tinme to display but customers do not know so we need to make it very user friendly with loading gif, messages such is “working on your request time outs and et.


a) on CLEC inventory search please set a default search numbers quantity to 100 numbers.
b) Please add a select quantity of numbers to be displayed on the page somewhere around search area so customer can tick 200 500 number per search. If more that 100 numbers displayed please make a pagination pages by 50 or 100 per page. Currently when we requested a number the out put was huge and customers have to scroll the page down as amount of numbers is massive and not organized.
c) Sometime when we search number the popup message comes up saying as ; – ” there is some issue with API …” apparently there will be some interruption with API during connection while developing but the current message does not look nice as clients do not know what is API and so please change this popup error message to: – ” We are experiencing technical issues please try again later” we do not need to customers to see any API and other tech vocab messaging.
d) We can see you started a CLECL Inventory setting page https://excellentnumbers.com/admin/index.php?ToDo=viewTemplates would you please advice if well be able to use it to restrict Vendors Search / CLEC Inventory usability, add providers, specify searching rules for example clients must pick area code or state. If any of admin parameters not met client seeing a pop up warning / message saying that” You must select area code or state and so on. Would you please clarify here if we will get such settings page functioning for EN site admin?
e) All buttons should be alive – when some numbers pupped up there is a ADD SELECTED button looking very static no mouse hover effects so it looks like just a picture without any functionality. Please ensure all graphic look professional when customer moves his mouse on the button it has an effect that it is actually a button not just a not functioning image it looks very unprofessional. same for next button and etc.

c) New numbers widget that you designed looks very nice and client likes it just one more thing some clients can not see the numbers font size on this widget it is hard to make this widget bigger we understand it so can you please increase the font of numbers that are new so customers can see the numbers bigger the rest of the font can be left as it is. So please make the number font size is bigger here.

We have cliekd on the number and on its profile page we can see number area code which is all right but we noted a category 367 that we can not understand what it is can you please check it and fix, see screen shot below: