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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit #6759 looks good so far if any changes will ask you later.
for #6761 the answer is “No” but we may use coupon code system used for vendors orders so you can keep it in mind while develooping,

as for my previous suggestion: –

“for #6756 that would be good if you could do that Nishit but also please keep in mind that all API ordered numbers must be very easy tracked on the EN orders page for example those that are purchased from site they are now white rows but those ordered from API i would make them looking light blue color so they look outstanding and noticeable by color coding”

we have discussed that it will be good to have a letters before the orders for example:
B039493 = B – we would know that this order made from banling meaning topup
IN939404 = inventory number, meaning our EN site inventory
VN839955 = (Vendor Number) – meaning Vendors Inventory (live )
PT83244 = Ported in

in addition all these have their own color coding so we can see them all in a raw and filter them accordingly
Please see if you can do that will add budget to your completion pay.