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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates,

for #6755 we have been trying to load your link but it is not opening and we can not to review it could you please resend it again?

for #6756 that would be good if you could do that Nishit but also please keep in mind that all API ordered numbers must be very easy tracked on the EN orders page for example those that are purchased from site they are now white rows but those ordered from API i would make them looking light blue color so they look outstanding and noticeable by color coding.

Same for the orders search and filters please think about making a possibility to search /filter such API orders by site default criteria’s.

Hi Jeff – there is a fixed budget for this task but as job has got some notes:
“Note: if you have any better scenario, please let us know. This is the best we came up as for now” – we are waiting for this job completion to assess and there is a high possibility to increase this budget depending on Nishit’s actual job outcome additions, ideas (as above) which has been advice , developed and applied fully functioning.

– Nishit so far we checking https://excellentnumbers.com/pages/CLEC+inventory+search.html by trying to search some numbers and we can only see a pop up saying the following:
“There Is some issue with Api. Please try again after some time”
could you please check that.

Please Nishit check all functionality performance and user friendly interface so we can test it on both deck top and mobile so it works.

Once again if you have additional ideas how to make this job looking better and more efficient we are looking at your development and reserved budget is already secured for you, however all your additions and implemented ideas will be also noted and appreciated on the top of your secured budget pending.