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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your reply and updates here is some ideas and comments for your messages above:

for #6701

a) If admin removes the pin we want the notification message goes with empty Pin field without “0” on it as some people confuse that “0” it is a pin – so if admin removes pin the notification should like this https://webmaklay.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/nopin.jpg in ALL other cases pin must present. Overall the pin system used to work great no complains on it.

I just got an idea if it is very complicated to tune it in DB there maybe an option to send a duplicated notification message to the client for that case when admin removes the pin? just trying to help with various options?

b) for this point we are worried how API users can actually purchase numbers via API library is it possible trough the API we are asking as you where working on API upgrade task? Can you please give us more information about that was there any API modifications made towards purchasing numbers from API. The site admins are worried how ppl can purchase numbers using API even without having a store credit on EN.

for #6702
1) and 2) will get in touch with sysadmins if any further recommendations on this to let you know. Possibly we will contact our developer from the vendors projects.

for #6703
thank you please let us know if there is anything we can test so far.

Nishit clients complain that when they login from any client and visit activate pending numbers page then activate a numbers on client’s behalf they click activate button and then loading image showing for a long time and freezing on this status for ages (by the way it show old loading gif not a globe but it suppose to be a globe)

so the problem is that client asked us multiple time to make a time limit for this frozen process case if the activation got frozen after sometime the message “process time out please try again” should be displayed so customers not sitting on this page looking on the loading gif for ages and waiting…

I guess there was a task before about this issue and it has not been done can you please doble check why it is not working and if there should be any additional task for it require we will contact finance.