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Mark Hanson
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Hello NIshit thank you for your updates:

Client ID : I Made changes regarding task. – thank you will check and get back to you if any comments
New Numbers Widget : I made changes regarding this task. If any changes this let me know- thank you will check and get back to you if any comments

Vendors Search and other task EST development time – based on each particular developer skills and experience.

i have consulted with the team before putting this comment for you, when we communicate with developers we put on scales all aspects of developers ranks and reliability trust measures.

As an example for a senior developer who work on a complex project task such as Telinta, Peeless, etc there is a leveled job with custom and multiple logic development. If you remember we tried to do it with you and it went well for first time.

So there is a job that can be done for a week or two and that’s includes various modules development with back end and front end out come. In fact there will be even documentations applied for the complex long term works as above.

It is all about familiarity with the code and performance. We know that some developers work on multiple projects at the same time as a result losing the grip of the project that can be their main income for them. As a result, we do small jobs and tasks for weeks and weeks. The company can not afford this approach, and this is about entire budget allocation.

Another example one of our developers in Poland does very complex jobs including installation files for the modules and plugins that accompany with complex intelligent interfaces , implementing multiple details across the work site.

Once such projects release customer uses that for their businesses in most of the cases no question asked less spending costs on adjustment or repairs and that builds strong budget.

There is a lot of trust involved to such developers and reliability, most of them work almost with no support but in the same time high reliability so we can get in touch with them via various sources as phones, networks and support forums where as some developers building up a barriers with us refusing to set up a stream communication in case of urgency and mishaps.

Having said that we respect all developers working styles we try to fulfill each of them needs and requirements.

Answering on your questions if developers request such a budget and time frame, we put it down on our performance scale and measure budget, timeframe, outcome + how much company spends during this time against such fact what we achieve. Please reed here more about details https://webmaklay.com/faq-items/budget-for-a-job/

It is hard to say how much exactly hours required for Vednors Search job for you in particular depending on the style how you work, finish good results, details and other aspects mentioned above. Some developers can do it for a week (40 hours) some can do for a month (160 hours) we value all the developer’s approach but associate our company spending’s accordingly.

Please let us know if any ore questions.