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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your message and worries about further upgrade works,
as you worried about current work functionality i would suggest simply do all your work files backed up so you can look back to the scripts and see how it all worked and if it works as before.

Usually all developers aware about this process and we are sure you do too.
Once it has been upgraded we will test functionality and if any issues will address to you accordingly.

The script same as Excellent Numbers so we believe you are aware about this already.
As per budget discussion i would suggest the faster you do the more positive will be our conversation with finance.
The more time we texting here the more money company spends of keeping you on this job. Consequently will be more harder to discuss about pay increase and further job for this project.

From my experience what i can see is that company always willing to respond to your increases as you help us for sometime and it gives us more flexibility to get more funds for your requests which is not usually happens with some other developers. So please start your work development and we see how it all goes and then will get back to this topic again.

Currently there is nothing to present to finance to negotiate.
Have a wonderful weekend.