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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit, we have got some news, your Customers API has been tested by our client technicians team and here is what they say below. They found multiple issues and talked to us for a long time showing some arguments and prove so we split their respond to a two A and B sections and we tried to be very compact with putting their responds down for you:

A. Customers API Performance.

1) Customer say that one respond takes almost 1 min to get and as they have thousands of records they need a few hours to get their data trough your API.

Please check why it is so bad and please fix it asap. For example on inteliquent it takes 10 seconds to download thousands of numbers. We understand that API requests take time but not that long.

2) In #11959 we have agreed to reduce the information that needs to be displayed for the customers API and we can not understand why customers still recieving so many information? I gues we will resolve this issue when you finish https://webmaklay.com/vp-api-enhancement/ – Adding API parameters task. Meanwhile could you please fix it asap.

B. Security Issues

1) this one is very embarrassing if members API approved they can check each other’s commercial information by just a link and user name https://portal.voip.us/api/get-all-number?name=Great%20Number%20inc&limit=2 when we opened that link even without any authorization.You can simply change user name and quantity and it will get you all the information which MUST be very secured.

I guess you agree that you do not need to be a developer to understand that links are being indexed by search engines and some clients use corporate computers and can visit the same link without even having account with Voip.

2) This is why we asked you to create a test page so we can test this by ourselves before giving this to our clients, we glad that we told them that it is a demo version but still the level of security for such a valuable commercial information is very poor. On other sites you can not even visit same link twice as the session gets expired and restrict all data from any sorts of data leak. Some creating key access and tokens or domain verification scenarios. There are many ways to protect important data but on Voip we have got none.

Just to remind you that all voip clients are very serious companies and we can not afford to give them this poor quality work to use as we may loose our reputation once and forever.

Please Nishit review all your Customers API work so it responds to our customers high expectations. We agreed with your budget for this work but in result we got what we got. Please repair this work ASAP so it is become a quality piece of product. Fast and secured.

If you require better server resources our system team can work on that so we need you to make this job better quality please.