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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit, thank you for your messages and questions:
For #12028

Additional API Parameters :

1) Yes i think separate page would be more efficient, it is recommended to create an “API Settings” page or so.
2) Yes if it is possible to implement to assigned an additional parameters to a selected users. For example site admin can tick one of the available API parameter “pincode” or “state” for a user Great Numbers Inc then click save then Great Numbers Inc API library can recall admin selected parameters for Great Numbers Inc user only.

Api Usage Statistics :

yes you got it right we have created this task from your 12001 explanation and yes we would love to have as much API information as possible about our voip users API usage including:

1) API usage time : The date and time When user send the request to the Voip API.
2) API parameters : The parameters Which user will get from voip API

3) requested calls : I can not get this words please explain.

for 3) i guess is the same as 2)

The aim is so site admin can see how their API library used by what users and how often aslo want to see what parameters used and time, users IP and etc.

for FYI : On Monday 25th March I will not available because of the public holiday of Holi festival
Have a wonderful public holiday on 25th of March!

Just to let you know about our plans we are planning to migrate Voip project to an other instance as our system admin team scheduling OS upgrades so we may need you help in migration process after these tasks completion.

Of course that will be an extra tasks and budget so we will keep you updated on next week after your return from your holidays.

Have a wonderful time over weekend and festival and catch up with you on 26th of March.