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Nishit Shan
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Hello Mark,

Ignore #12027

Here is the updated content of #12027

I review your requirement and i am adding some questions here.

Additional API Parameters :

1) On which page this setting will be available or we need to separate page for the API settings?
2) You write in the description that “we could assign one or more API calls to a random voip users when necessary”, Does it mean we can set parameter setting for the particulate user?

Api Usage Statistics :

As i explained in (https://webmaklay.com/forums/topic/voip-modules/page/18/#post-12001), we can get data about customer is customer name, customer ip Address , when the customer send the request to the Voip API system and for which API (API Name).

What is understand about this words which are given into the task description. If I am wrong Please update me.

1) API usage time : The date and time When user send the request to the Voip API.
2) API parameters : The parameters Which user will get from voip API

3) requested calls : I can not get this words please explain.

FYI : On Monday 25th March I will not available because of the public holiday of Holi festival