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Nishit Shan
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Hello Mark,

I’ve reviewed your requirements and have some clarifying questions:

Additional API Parameters:

1) On which page will this setting be available? Do we need a separate page for API settings?

2) You mentioned in the description that “we could assign one or more API calls to a random voip user when necessary.” Does this mean we can set parameter settings for a particular user?

API Usage Statistics:

As I explained in (https://webmaklay.com/forums/topic/voip-modules/page/18/#post-12001), we can gather data about customers, including customer name, IP address, when the customer sends a request to the VoIP API system, and for which API (API Name).

Could you confirm my understanding of the following terms from the task description? If I’m mistaken, please correct me:

1) API usage time: Is this when a user sends a request to the VoIP API?

2) API parameters: What parameters does the user receive from the VoIP API?

3) Requested calls: I’m unsure about this term; could you please explain it?

FYI: I’ll be unavailable on Monday, 25th March due to the public holiday for the Holi festival.