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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your message how is progress as we can see https://portal.voip.us/admin/miscellaneous page still not done. For #11835 message it is all clear but what ever you done so far we still can not see if it works and we can not give your work to our customers until we saw the sample page how it works.

yes when we were building this page (https://excellentnumbers.com/pages/Developers.html) developer created a sample page so we could see that it feathers the numbers and API functionality works this is how we could approve this job from finance and release the funds.

This is what we what you to understand the work you did is for developers which is good but how we show your work to site admins they look at your documentations but cannot see any sample how it looks alive?

I would recommend you to provide us any of the real view of work how it works it can be on your website or on the page created on Voip as we can not see anything but only your codding’s.

Unfortunately we can not request the EN access for you at this stage as there are no works and permission for that project yet.