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Mark Hanson
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hello Nishit thank you for your updates,
For #11824
1) Our point was that portout table search does not find orders by number could you please clarify if you have done that now? As per speed please let us know you recommendations to make this page API requites loading faster? Is that something you need to upgrade your codding or server related issues i think both issues can be rectified.

2) Changes for the date issue has been made. – thank you for that will check and get back to you if any issues.

For Port Out page
Yes User “Great Numbers inc” has got some numbers ported out and yes we would like you to display this data for this and other users so they can see their portout orders on their portout notification page.

Yes some telephone number are siting as a DID inventory and i do not thing we need to worry abot that but once the number activated and then sent portout request we can track this number with telinta’s identity. Also you have already sorted all users DID and active numbers, Pending numbers so it should not be a delema to put those numbers which are ported out display on user’s portout notification page and sent to their emails for approval.

We also understand that this is a new step up for you to get that sorted, please take a look at Inteliquent pages and see how coip users displayed on Inteliquent which will give you a clue about the structure and ability to custom encode it as per task description.

Please let us know if you stuck somewhere we will try to support you with some skilled developers mentioned earlier. The main point here is API maybe not giving you all details so you can copy and paste and sometime custom encoding developing knowledge is require.