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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit how are you? for your #11808 we havn’t heard anything from the provider but i think you can separate voip customers by developeing a code for that please let us know if you can do that. Meanwhile we still get hold of the seniour developer regarding that matter and we think the suggestion will be the same.

Aslo there is a comment come from the site admin saying the following:

—————- Site Admin Message Starts ——————–
Hey guys our client Great Number Inc has got plenty numbers on his Voip account and he always complain that he can not download all of his numbers using your download button for some reason. Could you please make sure it works and customers with big amount of numbers can download their numbers with no probs. Also same customer says that the site is very slow any suggestions on this?
—————- Site Admin Message Ends——————–

from above Nishit can you please make sure that Great Numbers Inc can download their numbers please kindly check it and fix what ever needful. Please test it your self multiple times so it 110% works. Do not worry if it require any additional encoding we need that working with no complains and if more codings done on that just let us know we discuss with finance and pay for your fix.