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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit please find some comments below,

a) for Back to Portal task- we can see you added message please hold CNTR button to select more option but it is not the way how we wanted to be. Could you please remove this message as it looks ugly instead please make option selected on click if customer clicked option A it selects when customer clicks option B it selects and if customer clicks option A again it gets unselected.

b) On members home page we can see advanced search and download button which is correct but why back to portal button sits next to the download button we do not need that button here this page already a portal and no need to have any buttons saying back to portal from portal where you going to lead customers they are already on portal 😉

c) When we click on TN settings tab it does not work and not leading us to TN settings page, in fact it reloads the portal page again and again can you please fix it?

d) On members home portal – advanced search there is a field with title “Port Out In” i think it should be “Portout Pin” please check it.

e) We logged in from an account Great Numbers Inc who has got 4 numbers ported out and clicked on PortOut tab it lead us to the page with a Portout table https://portal.voip.us/port-out but table does not show any portout numbers for this customer it seems that this table does not work.

Please also find “Pending Notification” task has been updated and budget increased.