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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit, thank you for your updates and fixing Activation Switch.

for For account termination :
we have requested site admin to provide us some numbers for testing so you can check your scripts.

Some more comments and complains have been received from previous job if you can fix please the following:

1) We have been receiving MULTIPLE complains from one of our customer “Great Number Inc” who says that they unable to download all numbers from their account. When we asked them to provide us step by step what they do so we can replicate same issue and here is what they said. – they click on All numbers tab and they can not see download button to download all numbers.

Then on same page we tried to click Search button whiteout any filtering and then download button appears but when we click download button we can see a message: ” Please add values to search and download”

for resolution please let the download button to be visible when customer clicks on any numbers tab so customers can download their all numbers for those numbers tabs: Also please change “Please add values to search and download” text to “Please select Return Values to download”

2) Return Values issues – We tried to select multiple return values but when we select one option and then click the second value the first one become unselected – could you please make sure that multiple Return Values selection is functioning and download file contain selected data.