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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit it is great to hear from you,
for your comments in #11529 just would like to outline your ability of implementing the job. As Jeff mentioned erlier we can not understands an obstacle to display two deferent API methods on the project as it should not be an issue as we could see other developers building more complex projects with multiple API data of a same field.

Please let us your difficulties here so we may introduce you to a developers who do such a work so they may help you on implementing this practice on the task that that we can not finish for almost two months. In this case we would like you to remind that involving telecommunication developer to this project assistance will impact your assigned budget and and your Custom Features final payout.

Please let us know if you stuck and need a third party support so we wont delay more with this job completion.
We are waiting for your activation task completion as well as the other points mentioned in previous messages. Hoping you are well and looking forward for soonest updates from you.