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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates, for #11474 yes please feel free to add your text, we will see how it looks and maybe adjust it.

Please also find some comments below:
1. When we removed call forwadrding number and saved it has not been removed from the tab (screen shot below) Please check that if customer adds call forwarding number it displays in the tab header and if number removed it shows text ” Forward To” or can you please change it from ” Forwarding to” -> Forwarding Not Set” text so customers can see which numbers call forwarding set and those that are not. Please see this screen shot https://webmaklay.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/Forward-Number.jpg
2. When we click on All numbers there is nothing happening, can you please check that when customer clicks on All numbers tab it shows all numbers.
3. We no longer can see download button it has disappeared again:(
4. TN Settings task has not been done please read task description. This page should not load all the numbers but suppose to be a nice looking search when customer start typing his number and the script auto suggest all available numbers (we did similar work on EN project). This page should load in a blink of an eye not like now. Telephone Number should display number without “1” as a normal number xxx-xxxx-xxxx. There should be a Rate Centre in the filed currently it does not show,Account ID filed = it is the same number but active and with “1” in the front of the number.
5. At the button of the form there are two buttons one os SAVE which is right but please change the second button CANCELL to BACK TO PORTAL (with the right link).
6.On the customers home page (same page where Advanced search is) there is a PortOut tab when we click on that it opens a port out table but we do not think it is working. Please double check that it holds all portout orders from both Inteliquent and Peerless. There is a similar Port Out table on Admin side so you can feathc some data from there so customers could see their portout archive table.
7. Changing Pin Number – when we click on Active numbers tab and open a number from the search results we can not change PiN there for some reason could you please check that. Remember this PIN change goes from Telinta. Aslo on the same Active numbers we can not see Rate Centre data please fix it.

Please let us know if any questions.