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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit i hope you have had a great weekend!

1) We have checked #11401 call forwarding it works but need some adjustments. The call forwarding numbers should be ONLY 10 digest number we tried to add 11 digits and 12 digits and surprisingly Telinta accepted that number but unfortunately numbers is incorrect and call forwarding can not be applied. So could you please restrict call forwarding number input if customer input more or less than 10 digits the message shows that call forwarding number should be only 10 digits characters.

2) when customer puts number in call forwarding and then delete number and clock save button – on Telinta in call forwarding we can see “1” saves on Telinta. Could you please check that if number removed and empty filed saved then there is nothing saved in Telinta.

3) On a call forwarding tab could you please add a switch on and off (same as here https://webmaklay.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/Switch.jpg) – Call forward Enabled and if off Call forward Disabled we know that it is extra task and it will be added to your overall budget.

4) When number forwarded it should be shown on the tab see screen shot below:
https://webmaklay.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/Forward-Number.jpg if call forwarding not set it should show “Forward To” message but once call forwarding number added there should be call forwarding number displayed.

5) when we saved call forwarding we can see loading Gig and Please wait message on the top of it it is all right but please put the please wait message under the loading Gif antenna with smaller font “Loading …please wait” Loading with capital letter and we can not see percentages progress bar could you please enable it.

6) Similar like 5 – we clicked on Inventory numbers tab then loading gif come up and message but page got frozen and we were waiting for a loong time when it gets any results – PLEASE make:
a) Message Loading…please wait with smaller font under loading GIF
b) Please enable percentages progress bar under the message aligned center under the message
c) Please make a time out if connection lost or server busy so customer can see a message something like It seems that server is busy please try again, or connection lost please try again later or any other relevant message so clients not siting and waiting for ages about whats going to be happened;)