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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit we have got a reply from the seniour developer and here is what the suggest to you on your #11390 and #11392 below:
Please see screen below:
in addition to the screen shot above here is the tip from devs:

in order to search for a specific number let us say you want to find “7777” at the end of the number you can try to use the flowing combination 1______7777
From the team comment that we belive the number should be requested in 11 digits format 1%%%%%%7777 for example:

Also we have got a guidance comment for you, on voip home page when we clicked on inventory numbers (these are not activated numbers) by default could you please make sure the numbers display in the following order:
Number as it is now, then please let it not show country we do not need this option by default and please change City to State and then PinCode.

You may ask that Inventory numbers do not have PinCode and we can not put it on Telinta (there is a task in this job explaining more details) so PinCode should be fetched from the vendor Inteliquent or Peerless. Here customers can click on that and change PinCode.

Same for download button so customers could download this list.