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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your message, in #11341 , #11342 i do not think we will need to have a lot of data apart from the list of numbers exported but i have forwarded your question to the site admins and let them reply what would they like to see. I will let you once got an answer for your question.

There is a comment we received today and customers complaining that they can not access Voip and the problem is the same: – continuous source code screen that we have been fixing multiple times we also got a paid job for this issue and you said it had been fixed but it is still coming up and we have been receiving the same complain again and again.
Would you please let us know why it has been happenings?

Please see this video below from one of Voip customers.
[video src="https://webmaklay.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/Source-Code.mp4" /]

Second comment is more like a suggestion to your advance search development. Site admins testing some of the search options and here is what they said below:
We tried to search a number that we know exist on telecom DB. The number contains 222-2221 digits.

So we put 222 in NXX field and 22 into LINE field and click search the number could not be found.
then we put 222 in NXX field and in the LINE field 222 but did not put “1” digit and tried to search again and result come that no numbers found.

But when we put 222 in NXX and 2221 in the LINE field then search finds our number.
Interestingly enough when we put 222 in NXX filed and LINE filed leave empty search finds all the numbers with 222 including the one we were searching for 222 2221.

Once we put any digit into the LINE fields search does not work as we want it to.
Could you please check so search can find all these variations.