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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit for #11317 i do not have exacts details on what fields must be mandatory i guess in order to get a clear respond from from Telinta user should input as much information as passible. Obviously if customer wont input a data into NPA filed which is area code then the numbers respond will be while across all the area codes so numbers field should me mandatory at least and i will try to supply more information about mandatory in our further support messages.

I will find it out from our team and site admins and get back to you on that as soon.
For return values window yes please if you can change the color of the selection to green and ability to select more than one option in the drop down.

For #11318 yes in the advanced search task it is outlined that customers ability to find and view numbers with these statuses. Our phone numbers tab has got all these statuses for purpose which is mentioned in #11316.

We are not trimming you with time frame for you as we understand the process to connect these API parameters so all these features become accessable.