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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for this great news!
Please see some comments below as you go:

” as we can see portin started functioning so we tried to test to this function too and noted that select all button not working just to remind that on select all click it should select all the numbers same for unselect all button it should work too please kindly check”

When we add numbers and clicked select all button and then clicked submit the page jumps up to the numbers widnwow and nothing happening.., so we tried to repeat same process and same issue buttons not working and submit button does not work too, then we tried to login to inteliquent and check if portin actually working and we could see that number we clicked about three times sent three requests to the inteliquent portal which is very bad.

So because buttons do not work and submit function does not work, no messages no loading gifs customers keep clicking on port in button multiple times and that may cause our accout termination from Inteliquent as it has very strict policy could you please fix it asap we do not need seeing any termination notices because of this above”

Please Nisht check this comment above seriously as we need customers to be aware aftter EVRY action that’s been hapening on the portal.

Overall it has bee a great breack trough with portin job you are welldone and looking forward for your updates about #11165.