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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates,
for Port-in functionality: on Voip admin you can see that there is a numbers being generated aftre every order these numbers are on telecom provider where from site admin usualy porting them from the provider portal so we need this finction bring to the voip porting tables. Please let us know if you can find it on API guide and if you need more information.

For #10993 – Miscellaneous menu looks great and page too. We tried to turn off all the switches but only main site search (one in the site header) disapierd but it did not work for auto suggest repeaters XXXX and ALL tick box could you please check?

Aslo could you please make a notce pop up aftre we click Apply somthing like ” Changes Saved” currently it is hard to see if it is actualy saved.