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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for more details, we can understand your #10570. What we can not understand is what are you going to do now, how you are going to make all account working properly and when. Since we discuss about this all week and there is nothing working so far ;(

Site admin sending us multiple issues and complains and those we have already done and paid comes not working.
Please Nishit could you be so kind to keep us updated about what you have done and what we can test and report as finished?

Just to make it clear we would like that site properly functioning. Probably after PHP upgrade or some other reasons, customers finding multiple areas failed to operate and un reliable.

Customers should be able to search numbers order them, change call forwarding, login without seeing a source code.
Numbers should be loading easily. Auto purchase notifications come 100% , links are working, numbers diplay accurately and so on.

Once it all tuned we can go further with other jobs. At this stage we are stamping on same spot.