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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit how is all going there?
some more questions about your innovation in adding new pass functionality – will your pass development conflict with already existing Voip -Telinta pass systems? It is very same functionalities as EN project has and there is no any issues there with the passwords ppl got they call forwarding done and numbers activated with not much hassle can you please comment on this.

Is there any thing we can check so far?
Currently everytime we ask site admin to check they respond with bunch of errors that we have been working for a week now. Please see this error that we have been reporting to you multiple times? #10530, #10531

for #10528
https://webmaklay.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/Numbers-Display.jpg the numbers display still inaccurate, it still does not show qty of all numbers VS activated numbers as described on task description.

Have you fixed call forwarding for GREAT NUMBER INC?

More comments:) ==================
We have tried to login for some customers that have multiple numbers and the numbers load still extremely slow as per our system admin report we have got enough machine architecture and resources to process such fetching operations sufficiently but the problem is still exist. As we have advised to your earlier – would you consider making a scrip loading numbers partially so the first 2, 3 pages then the rest pages so customer not waiting for long tiome when all the numbers being loaded. When we open this customer Mikhail Tumasov their numbers not being loaded AT ALL.

We attempt to process a numbers search from the visitor page https://portal.voip.us/ added to search 6666 (as we know there are about 40numbers available on telecom provider) however page sent us on https://portal.voip.us/homesearch directory and everything went blurry white, there is no loading image indicating any process and nothing has been return. We also tried to search by area codes and last 4 digits , first 3 digits nothing found as well.

We tried some other time searching for 5555 combination and after sometime waiting we have got respond for 9 numbers available. However search results where unknown under some state field. Could you also check that we could see the ALL the states for all the numbers found.

It is already Thursday here Nishit and it seems that we getting stuck with all these tasks and those you reporting done are not really functioning unfortunately, In fact we still facing same issues as we experienced before – is it related to PHP upgrade why so many errors occur.

In the comments above the task mentioned by the site admin we have already done and paid but it is not working as expected could you please fix it asap.

Overall please let us know what of the task has been done by you and 100% functioning so we can test it and see legit progress of work and expenses that company covers?