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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates, we can see that numbers being loaded but for some reason numbers load is too long would you please advice what is the issue with long time numbers load for those who has got numbers more than 20.We had a chat with the system admin and he said that the server capacity is enough to operate with such ammount of data – any ideas?

Multiple comments come regarding clients login area https://portal.voip.us/login – when customers login using their pass the next page show source code and when clients click go back on the browser then they can see user portal page and in some cases it does not work. Could you please check?

Also we have got an other report – site admin logged as an other user to help him to setup call forwarding and when call forwarding number changed and clicked save we could see a error saying: – “Cant save the account has no password” Could you please fix it?