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Mark Hanson
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Hi Nishit please find some comments from the site admin below:

1. On user home page https://portal.voip.us/user-home and click on any number – services – call forwarding we change call forwarding but there is no save button to safe our changes. Could you please fix it so the save button appears and customers can change they call forwarding information. See screen shot below:

2. When we check the billing information / settings https://portal.voip.us/billing-settings the default country shows as Afghanistan could you please make the default country as USA. See screen shot below:

3. On the same page, when customer adds his card and USA state input does not work could you please fix it: Please see see screen shot below:

4.On the same page, when customer inputs a card details and click save it responds with error not matching parameters please fix it.

5. On user home page https://portal.voip.us/user-home we can see numbers management area customers where clients can change numbers settings such as calls forwarding and other but if client clicks on TN Settings tab from right hand side menu it suppose to lead client to a different TN Settings page but now it brings customer to the same https://portal.voip.us/user-home page for some reason. It looks like the link has got broken. Could you please check it? Please see screen shot below:

6.Same issue with broken link, when we click on Plans it suppose to lead a customer to a plans selection page bit it is not anymore as its link cot broken, could you please fix it. Please see screen shot below:

We have updated your page: