What will you get

We will register your business name that you have input during express form submission. Please note that if your business name is occupied will get back to you with some alternative names and zones before your project name registration.

We will develop at least 5 pages web project for you and your newly created web source administration access will be given to you once developemnt completed. The developed theme will be assigned to your project name selected. The project theme will have some demo content which you will be able to replace with your own project content. You will be given full access to your new web project control panel for your personal web source personal administration.

You will get one year project hosted pack which after you will be able to extend your hosting or change it to an alternative hosting company


Please be aware that both domain name registration and  hosting pack payments are not refundable and here is why: – Your business name registration paid for 12 months and if you change your mind it is already paid and it is yours for 12 months. You will be able to extend your business name registration for the next period of time or simply not doing so which will lead to your business name loss.

Consumer Guarantees

We are guarantee that there is no any hidden costs involved in your “Web for Three Days” deal unless your decide to pay more for such services as your both business name and hosting package annual extension. If you require further assistance in your new web project  administration, upgrades or support. We use professional tools and skills to make your project fully functioning user friendly and operational.

We provide full back up and project function ability for the all 12 months period of time which can be extended on customer’s choice. Your up and running project become available within (3 three) working days from online application submission and finds confirmation (usually same day).