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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit, thank you for your #9969, i now understand your frustration and confusion, as i have checked the job page i found that screen shot with sync button made for https://portal.voip.us/admin/vendors Vendors but task description is about https://portal.voip.us/admin/customer customers as you mentioned in your #9969 and you are absolutely right here.

Most importantly that you understand all this and i can see it in your reply. So what i will suggest you to do is please kindly Check that this both sync buttons work correctly so we can report client that it has been fixed and working and we move further.

When i say both Sync buttons – i mean customers page here https://webmaklay.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Customers.jpg which was actual complain come about so it works as i described to you in my #9968

And second SYNC button that you positioned on this page https://portal.voip.us/admin/vendors.
Please ensure they both work and let us go further.

Please Nishith let us also know about an other unanswered question in https://webmaklay.com/forums/topic/voip-optimisation/page/11/#post-9959 we must finish all task by the end of next week max as we still need to quickly jump to EN and do some work there by the end of this year.

Please advice if you are capable with this.