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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your update and fixing life notifications, we have got a message from the site admins that they’ve started receiving specified numbers notifications.

It has been a few weeks left before end of this calendar year and we coming close to a holiday season, please let us know if you have got any plans for your holidays or any days off around dec 25 up to jan 5th as we have got plenty work to do so you can earn some funds during this time.

We are very much delay with this job but thank you for your #9940 update.
We would need to finish with:


and it looks that we can put it all on test, then Pay and jump to EN:)
We have got plenty work to do so please let us know your schedule and if you keen to make more $:)

Thank you again for fixing notifications, please kindly be careful with existing coding wich lead us to extra time to investigate, delay with current jobs, stressing out our customers and etc 😉
looking forward for further updates,