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Mark Hanson
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Hi Nishit we have been testing life notification system which was working before and now broken, we have set new search for 3333 and no notification emails coming from the site. We used to receive life notifications about all such numbers as 7777, 8888, 3333 but not any more please fix it asap.

Just to let you know we have been receiving such life notifications every 2 hours and could see when each numbers and then every 6 hours we used to receive a summary email about all such notifications.

Please note there must be life notifications coming to site admin email (every 2 hours) and one summary email about all numbers.

Now we have received this email after 6 hours since we set 3333 rule https://webmaklay.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Nots.jpg can you please advice what it is is it a life update email or summary email.

People can not work and keep complaining, tonight im going to stay behind company paying me overtime to support you if you have any questions.

Also Jeff or Andrey will be with me to be on the phone if necessary to explain you if you stuck.
We must fix it asap, please let us knw when you are here, you can also use our chat to communicate.