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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your message, just to help you out with this i would need to undrestand somthing from what you have mentioned in #9893:

1) When you say: – “I stuck into area code notification” is it something you can not do or can not understand?
We can see that we still can not set a new notification rule and it seems that new rule can not be saved without indicating a number , can you please clarify here.

Because your we still can not set up area code only how we can test it? If area code set without a number combination it should send notification about all numbers listed in the area code: see this task we have added for you https://webmaklay.com/voip-optimization/ – Area Codes Bulk Management.

2) for #9883 – again please see this task here https://webmaklay.com/voip-optimization/ – Area Codes Bulk Management we have added for you it is not complex we just think that you may missing some points there.

and lastly very important Nishit – Voip site admin complaining that they do not receive notifications on their emails from Wednesday when i send you this message #9879, if you not working on the site can you please turn the site back to production mode so the site admin can receive notifications about new numbers as they missing a lot of numbers on the market and we do not want then start complaint on our long time development plus the notification breakage for their work. THIS iS VERY IMPORTANT.