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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit, for #9871
a) yes your got it right but it is not working, we have tried to create a new Add Raw and on area code we could not set any area code as selection comes All by default and we can not specify any area code. So it is still not usable. Can you please check and test it before RAF.

b) by specifying area code only (if “a” works) without any number we expect the system tracking all the numbers for area code specified. For example we Add Raw select intelligent then select only 212 area code then under condition i would add an othre condition “any number” so the system can track area code 212with any number regardless how this number starts and ends. Then we leaving ” Numbers filed empty as you have already done in your #9871 a).

As mentioned earlier – there are some new area codes coming in USA for example 212 and there is no numbers in this area code on the market yet.

So what we would like you to do here is to allow our system to track our vendors when they release any number which is under 212 new are code. It can be 5 numbers or 5000 (we do not know) but we do not want 5000 notification messages coming to our email about each of 5000 numbers but only one message that says something like: There are 5000 numbers have been released under 212 area code”

Such nitification we only need for the notification Raws that does not specify number in the number text field
All othre notification raws that specify numbers ends with and starts with can be same as they are (nt many numbers ends with 777 for example or start with 555.

To make it simple for you i would add an other condition for the Condition field and name it ‘Any Number” with this selected you can separate notification messaging.

So once again if too many numbers released under “Any Number” condition, – notification can say that something like: There are 5000 numbers have been released under 212 area code” When site admins noted this they can create new notifications Raws under 212 area code with specifying which numbers they want to target.

I hope it helps please let us know if you need more details on this.