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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit please find some comments below:

Vendors Optimization – as per task description we not finding any synchronization button. Looking at the jobs archive we used to do this page to control API synchronization process between our Vendors and Voip. As PeerLess provide limited amount of numbers per session we used to fetch this Vendor Multiple times and store all numbers on Voip DB.

Unfortunately we found this process inefficient and as your said we now done the work to request all numbers directly from API – could you please confirm Voip – Vendors numbers data transfer.
We tried to switch Inteligent 2 hours duration on clicked apply and it is not saved why it is? If we now request numbers right from API then we would need to re organize this page as per Vendor – Voip API data transfer requirements. Please advice.

Notifications Settings Optimization – We can see your amendments but it is still not complete, there will be addition task added to its job page – Notifications Optimization addition please check.

a) We would need to site Admin when adding a new notification raw to be able to select an area code for new numbers real time monitoring for example area code 212 then please allow number fields left empty so if any new area code numbers appear on our Vendors DB to be detectable (notification sent to voip site Admin) at the same time when 212 area code numbers released.

b) since we leaving numbers filed empty we are not specifying which numbers to be notified about and this could be 5 numbers released or even 10000 numbers. So we would need to limit notification message for this scenarios so for the Numbers empty fields raws notification sends up to 10 notifications and if more numbers released – let it send notification like; ” 212 area code, Vendor Inteligent 3000 numbers released” once site admin informed we can specify its 212 numbers search criteria’s.

Notification Page – Not complete

a) we tried to click on “Show Number Details” this option did not work for us.
b) we can see you added tick option at the front of their raws but we still can not see bulk selection/deletion.
c) we still cannot find filtering option as per task description.

Could you please complete this so we can continue our checks.