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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit, thank you for your updates, for your question in #9819 we go as per your reports:
For example as your say you have done Dashboard 1 task we report to the customer tester and when tester gets back to us with comments we feed back it to you since we haven’t heard any thing from tester we push the task to finance.

Since the task sent to finance and paid to nominated developer the task has been complete. This has been happening with most of temp developers. In your case, as we work with you for a long time now we consider you as a permanent contractor so we book / schedule all incoming jobs to provide permanent stable income for permanent contactor – YOU.

Long term business relationship builds up a level of trust this is why the finance sometime pay for task prior to the testers feedback. This is why it is very crucial stick to the task if you take an extra job somewhere else and it causes delay with our scheduled jobs it may affect some payments delay or budget cuts (although we have been instructed to not apply any budget cuts to permanent “siliconinfo” contractors) in fact the more tasks you do and no delay we are looking at pay increase for Siliconinfo contactors.

So from above said the completed job we consider – all the task/jobs you reported completed “RAFed” – Reported as finished. Since we hoping you are permeant contactor the priority for us is for you to get paid in time. This is a level of trust and using an opportunity to ask you a favor please check, test all the task from your end before reporting “completed”.

As per your #9820: We trust that:

1 Dashboard 1 – completed
2 Portout Repairs, Optimization – completed
3 Voip Portal – Settings – Notification – Please update
4 Voip Portal – Notification Page – Please update
5 Voip Portal – Vendors – Please update

Please advice 3,4,5 complete if not please advice their completion EST.
It would be great of you could complete all job before Wednesday AU/NZ time (see the timer on the job page) so we could increase your payout. We report to tester to inspect in no reply all these goint to be sent to finance.

a) We wait when this job done to move to EN project there are some URGENT WORK arise in there.
b) Once complete we are coming back to VOIP project as there are loads of work in here but delay now to continue.
c) We are planning to give you a third project to keep you fully engaged https://webmaklay.com/friends-app/
there are some other plans for your as d,e and etc so it is all in your hands if you focus on these above it should bring to your company very good $ revenue.

Please let us know if any questions.