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Mark Hanson
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Hi Nishit hope you have had a great weekend, i havn’t got any feed back regarding Dashboard 1 task by today but i have recived some comments regarding Notifications task.
Settings -> Notification Settings

We know that you are still doing it but so far area codes drop down display a lot of ara codes and we need to scroll them down which is a big list. Some of the area codes. The question is where all these area codes being taken from? We have got new area code 840 but it is not in the list so we can not understand where these area codes data coming from.

Some area codes are missing. So what we recommend here is to make a field that site admin will input any area code manually and search from there. Could you please just replace drop down area codes feature by input area code.

For example we create a raw for the search combination that starts all numbers in 212 area code but when we create a raw the area code field is not appearing for selection.

Again we know that you are still working on it so just some tips for you while you in process.