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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for reaching back, you scared us 😉 we were about shutting down all account associated with you.
for #9765 i hope you are filling better now. Thank you for #9766 will check it all when all th page will be fully functioning and we get back to you if any issues.

for #9767 sure please do all needful, i think it is a good idea, so the admin side on dashboard functionality searches and orders numbers both numeric and vanity – currently we can not use it:

a. it does not search vanity numbers
b. it does not finding numeric numbers properly
c. those we find not exist on PeerLess
d. those it say available we can not order due to same issue as c.
e. please make pagination properly as mentioned earlier.
d. numbers count accordingly

so the dashboard1 100% working we are very much delay with this jobs unfortunately we hope you can tune it up asap

The Telinta access is the same we did not change it you can use Telinta access from your office page please let us know if any issues.